Slug Control

Slugs and snails like hostas. Of course they also like delphiniums, lupins and many other garden plants. But it is the hosta that they enjoy the most. We're aware that sometimes people avoid buying hostas because of the slug issue, but we are happy to say that these little critters can be controlled through a number of methods.

More top tips:
  • If you use slug pellets then start to put them out early in the year. We recommend St Valentine's Day as a date you won't forget. Then continue on through the season. Slugs will begin their reproductive cycle before the hostas are up. If you can exterminate one slug before it has reproduced, your hostas will be at much less risk.
  • Encourage wildlife in your garden. Hedgehogs, thrushes and frogs will eat slugs and snails and contrary to popular belief, they won't be harmed by slug pellets.
  • Go out at night and pick the pests up - rubber gloves, a torch and a bucket are suggested.
  • Make sure that there is as little garden rubbish around as possible. Slugs and snails love hiding in crevices and behind stones. Take their hiding places away.
  • Try putting your hostas in pots, then protect the pots with vaseline or WD40 which make them greasy and prevent slugs and snails from climbing them.
  • Try our Plant Elixir: Godfrey's Glorious Garlic Guard
Please always feel free to call us for advice about your particular situation - 01837 849367. We love hearing from our customers!